Holiday In Spain

I was listening to some music my sister put on my mom’s computer, and I found a Dutch/English version of the Counting Crow’s song Holiday in Spain. I wikipediaed it (I love Wikipedia!!) and found out Blof did it together with the Counting Crows in 2004. My sister said it was pretty well-known, but I hadn’t heard it before. I thougt it was pretty cool and also funny.

As long as I’m on the topic of songs, I’d also like to mention Lied Zonder Paard. I believe Acda en de Munnik covered it. The original is the well-known Horse with no Name. I thought that was quite funny as well, all though I like the English version better.

And Guus Meeuwis did a Dutch translation of Streets of London, but I didn’t like that one very much.

If you know any more Dutch versions of English songs, let me know. There must be more out there…


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