There’s nothing like spinning class to make you hate music! I usually don’t really notice it; the heavy beats are handy to keep time, but it’s not like there’s a lot of melody in those songs anyway. But today’s instructor threw in a nice old-fashioned song about lemon trees (not the song by Fool’s Garden, though, a different one) and made us do ‘jumps’ (a cycle of quickly sitting and standing on your bike while peddling heavily) every time the chorus rolled around. I never noticed how many choruses there are in just one song! She had many such surprises up her sleeve: I came out even more tomato-red than usual. I wonder how my muscles will feel tomorrow..

On the writing front, I have a new project. I got this anthology of fifty-five word stories last Christmas (I know, 55 words seems ridiciously few, but it can be done! Google it and you’ll find some real good ones) and I’ve risen to the challenge. It’s harder than it looks, though. If I come up with anything nice, I’ll post it here.


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