Big Love

I was talking to a couple of (Christian) friends about the HBO series Big Love recently. Here in the Netherlands, we’re almost at the end of season one. I really like the show, but they had some objections because polygamy isn’t really a Christian concept. But that’s exactly what makes the show so fascinating in my eyes. Bill Henrickson talks about God freely, and prays for guidance and does all the other stuff Christians do, he just has three wives. I like seeing how he reconciles his normal Christian values with his belief in “the principle”. Maybe because I have to reconcile my belief in God with my normal secular values, and it helps to see people that don’t always have the answer, too. 

Sometimes it seems like you can’t be a real Christian and yet believe there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality, or premarital sex, or drinking alcohol. Or believing in God, yet not in the Bible, at least not literally. My view that the way someone behaves, the things someone does, is up to them and God, and that there is no one way to lead a Christian lifestyle, is not always a popular one. But I like moving freely in both the Christian and the secular one, and I’ll figure out a way, somehow.


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