Normally I don’t mind sharing a kitchen. I’m not the neatfreak type: I often do my dishes three or four times a week, instead of the ‘normal’ seven; I don’t vacuum my room very often or scrub my shower. But today it got to me. I’m having friends over this weekend, so I decided to clean up the kitchen. Most of it was easily done: when 9 people share the same space and something is left out, no one puts it in its place. Like I said, I’m fine with that. It took me all of ten minutes to rearrange the kitchen cabinets (they’re missing their doors, so I thought I’d better neaten them up a bit). But then I saw the sink. We have a double sink, and all kinds of unwashed dishes were sitting in the one. When I removed one big pan, the smell made me gag. I put the pan back down and went to get my yellow cleaning gloves. I knew they’d come in handy one day! Not to gross you out, but the dishes had gotten all slimely with food and mold, and it took all the willpower I had to clean them, and the sink. Man, that was so gross. Next time someone else gets to do it!


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