Today, the three and a half hour trip from my mom’s place to mine seemed to take a lot longer. The train was cramped, dirty and uncomfortable, I missed my bus (which added a half hour to my trip) and when the next bus finally showed up, it was very crowded. I sat next to someone either in a hurry, or just annoyed by the world existing, because he couldn’t stop sighing and muttering under his breath (I was thankful I couldn’t hear exactly what he was muttering, since I doubt it was very nice). But then, when we were halfway to my stop, the bus driver got out because the door wasn’t working properly. He told an old lady to push a particular button on his dashboard, and she was willing enough, but unfortunenately pushed the wrong one. The door closed, and the driver was locked out. He had to walk around to the other side of the bus, talk to the lady through the window to tell her how to open the rear doors. Well, when she finally understood what he wanted, she opened the back doors and let him in again. For the rest of the trip, the front door stayed closed…

It was very funny to see the driver outside, and the lady almost panicking because she didn’t know what to do now, and the rest of the bus laughing pretty hard. My friend and I were in stitches, since we weren’t in a hurry anyway. It was a nice way to break up the monotony of a commonplace bus ride!


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