Sunday mornings

One of the things I love most about Sunday mornings is my bike ride to church. It’s only like 15 minutes, but the half of those fifteen minutes are spent on the bike path next to the canal (the Maas-Waal canal, for those who like details). Today, it was really beautiful. There were a lot of leaves on the ground, the sun was shining, and no one was around for miles. Well, except for some guys fishing, and they don’t count, because they don’t make any noise. It was almost too bad when I had to turn off that bike path into a deserted residential area – no one around, but so much less beautiful. 

I’m taking advantage of the beautiful weather and going outside for some fresh air before I start cooking dinner. I’ve earned it after the hours I spent at my desk today, working on my research paper.  I’m ready to catch some of the last rays of sun before fall really sets in!


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