Not to talk about gender too much, but right now I’m in the process of researching a paper on women as a solution to the labor shortage during WWII, and how the public image pretty much forced them to return to the domestic sphere after the veterans returned and wanted their jobs back. It reminded me how far we’ve come as women. Sure, there’s still a lot of injustice, but the fact that my university is pretty much overrun with women, at least in several departments, and it’s possible to find employment in fields typically known as ‘male’, even if women still do face discrimination before and after the hiring process, is pretty good. It’s not that long ago that girls attended school as preparation for marriage, and didn’t use their education at all. So even though I’m still a women in a man’s world, it’s less of a man’s world than it used to be, and that’s one thing to be grateful for.


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