reading: In the beginning, by Chaim Potok

It’s time for another bookpost. For Christmas, I received a couple of amazing books, and I’ve managedto finish one so far.

The Deception of the Emerald Ring The Deception of the Emerald Ring, by Lauren Willig. As says, “Mistaken identities and surprise romance provide the backdrop to the third novel of Willig’s successful Pink Carnation series, “clever, playful tales [that] wrap historical romance inside contemporary chick-lit” (“Detroit Free Press”).” 

I had read the first, and this is the third, so I was kind of apprehensive if it would matter if I hadn’t read the second, but as I found out, it doesn’t. Each book has its own historical story line, and the modern story line hadn’t progressed very far since the first book so I could pretty much guess what had happened there.

Now I’m torn between the other books I’ve gotten…which to read now?


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