Fast and Easy

reading: the New Kings of Non-Fiction, edited by Ira Glass

I like doing the NY Times crossword. It’s something I always do with my dad, and I like doing it on my own too. I have one of the collections, called “Fast and Easy”, only I’m not very good so for me, they’re not very fast and also not easy. I can fill about half in at first glance, and the rest I have to puzzle over. Usually I also have to sneak a few glances at the answers in the back before I can completely fill it in. 

Every once in a while, there’s a clue that makes me smile. Today, it was 10 across, “holds a bunch”. The answer is “vase”. I liked it because it was one of those entries that makes me think about what words mean, since ‘bunch’ can mean a lot, but also a bunch of flowers. So thank you, Janice M. Putney (the drafter of the crossword) for making my day in such a small way!


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