Kazuo Ishiguro

reading: Bowling Alone, by Robert D. Putnam, and Misschien wisten zij alles, by Toon Tellegen

I had seen this book in the bookstore many times, and had agonized whether to buy it or not. I ended up leaving it there every time, but when I saw it in the library last week I didn’t hesitate to snap it up. 

Never Let Me Go Book 15 of 2008 and 4 of February (I know, I’m behind on my February books)

I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, especially when I started reading. The narrator’s voice immediately called to me, and I read it in two days. I overall liked it, but sometimes I thought it a little juvenile – in the sense that especially those pieces of the plot needed for explanation/climax could have been written by a newish writer. The dialog specifically seemed amateurish to me sometimes (for those of you that have read it, I’m talking about Madame and Miss Emily’s explanation towards the end). But maybe that’s just me. It didn’t stop me enjoying the book, and I’ll be sure to pick up more of Ishiguro’s work. The narrator was compelling enough to forgive all faults. 


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