reading: The Majic Bus, by Douglas Brinkley

In The Polysyllabic Spree Nick Hornby writes about reading in Woodward’s Bush at War that President Bush was woken up at 11:08 PM on 9/11 by the Secret Service,

“Woken up! He didn’t work late that night? And he wasn’t too buzzy to get off to sleep? See, if that had been me, I would have been up until about six, drinking and smoking and watching TV, and I would have been useless the next day. It can’t be right, can it, that world learders emerge not through their ability to solve global problems, but to nod off at the drop of a hat? Most decent people can’t sleep easily at night, and that, apparently, is precisely why the world is in such a mess.” (page 35)

So maybe my insomnia is good for something…even if it does mean I won’t ever be president.


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