The results of a two-week roadtrip:

– the acquaintance of two new cities [Memphis and Chicago, however brief it was]
– the knowledge that a 52-hour Amtrak adventure may sound horrifying, but is in reality a great way to experience the country and see the landscape change
– watching the Oakland A’s beat the Tampa Bay Ray’s 7-0, with three homers
– looking out over Chicago at night on the Hancock Tower
– eating genuine Southern food in Memphis, deep dish pizza in Chicago, crap on the Amtrak, Chinese in SF chinatown, tapas in the SF Mexican neighborhood the Mission, and Thai in Mountain View, amongst others
– shopping sprees, which include new clothes, multiple cds (including Much Afraid and Good Monsters by Jars of Clay and the soundtrack of Juno), and even a California flag (anything can be bought in Chinatown), but surprisingly few books
– too many pictures to count (or to subject someone to)
– seeing Oprah’s Chicago house (or the tower it’s in, at least)
– stopping in in the middle of nowhere in Jackson, Tennessee at the Greyhound Halfway Station
– seeing the motel where Martin Luther King Jr was shot in Memphis
– breaking in my birthday-present-55-liter-backpack
– discovering how to stuff said backpack fuller than you’d think was possible
– visiting Graceland and coming away with Elvis pjs
– re-experiencing the thrill of driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, as the four other people in the car freak out out of pure joy
– attempting to navigate all the confusing one-way streets in San Francisco [or better said, relaxing in the back seat while Saskia and Marius (aka Mommy and Daddy) work hard in the front
– the hostel that let you spend the night for $15, but did make you do a chore a day in Memphis
– watching Saskia tape a demo in Nashville
– a first visit to Victoria’s Secret
– spending so much time with four wonderful people
– the hostel in Chicago dubbed the crappy hostel by friends, but to us seemed very nice (which is the result of staying in a private room on the second floor instead of in the basement)
– freezing to death on the Amtrak
– going on a boat tour in Chicago, and seeing so much great architecture
– biking over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausolito
– etc etc etc

I’ll probably post more as I think of it, for now, I’ll end with the shoutout that I had a wonderful time! As always, I didn’t really want go back…but the knowledge my next trip to America is planned for over two months certainly helped.


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