My reading list for July (as of today):

The Dante Club – Matthew Pearl
The Listerdale Mystery – Agatha Christie
Towards Zero – Agatha Christie
De Gelukkige Klas – Theo Thijssen
Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet – Joanne Proulx
Digging to America – Anne Tyler

When I first saw Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet in the bookstore I was intrigued by its title. I bought it for the long plane ride to San Francisco last Friday, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a very entertaining read but isn’t shallow in the least. It gave me some stuff to think about and I also empathized heavily with the characters. I wouldn’t say it’s a must read but it is a good book.

I borrowed Digging to America from my dad, and enjoyed that one on the plane as well. The thing I thought most about was how it made perfect sense for a white American couple to adopt a Korean baby girl, but when the adopting parents were Iranian, it didn’t add up somehow in my mind. Who knows what hidden prejudices lurk in the minds of men?

Anyway, it was well-written, interesting, and a good view of multicultural America and what happens when all those cultures mix.

Right now I’m reading Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, by Paul Torday. The premise is unusual (what happens when a Yemeni sheik wants an English fishscientist to introduce salmon(fishing) into the dry desert of the Yemen?) but Torday is surprising me along the way. I’ll write more when I finish it (which should be later today, I think. July is shaping up nicely qua books read).


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