Rapture Ready!

 When I first became a Christian, there were a lot of things I had to get used to, theologically and otherwise. I immersed myself in dogmas, tried to read the bible, went to church regularly. And then I found out that there’s more to christianity than God: try christian culture sometime. Like the Dutch custom of eating a peppermint or other piece of candy (or 2, or 3) during the sermon, with the unwritten rule that you pass the roll on and only take one when it’s on its way back. It took me a while to figure that one out. But what most surprised me was that there’s a whole christian subculture out there – for everything that exists, there’s a christian counterpart. Schools, sportclubs, books, museums, music, gifts, movies, even sex advice – if you want, you never have to get out of your christian bubble. Well, I never really went into that. I believe in being christian in a secular world; testing my faith by interacting with others of different opinions and applying it to life outside the bubble. But christian culture, and especially christian pop culture, has always interested and amazed me. So when I heard of Daniel Radosh’s book called Rapture Ready!, I knew I had to read it.

I ordered it through Amazon, and finished it within a couple days of its arrival. It was really interesting, especially since Radosh is a (secular/humanistic) Jew and Judaism is another of my interests. Radosh went and experienced with an open (enough) mind things ranging from a christian music festival to a creationist museum to a Holy Land themepark. It was really interesting to see what he came up with along the way! And although I’m still glad I’m not in that bubble, I did see there is more than enough quality christian pop culture out there to complement all the crap that is being done in name of christianity. That alone made the book worth it.


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