Since I’ve been at Berkeley, I haven’t been reading all that much outside of my classes. The last book I read was The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas, a book about thought experiments, sex, and cursed books. It was an exciting read, somewhat scary at points, but it ultimately didn’t deliver what it promised, I thought. It kind of petered out towards the end, and the copious amounts of (dirty) sex couldn’t change anything about that. I did find myself feeling sorry for the protagonist – her issues made her sympathetic. I just wish she could have dealt with them in a more convincing way, or dealt with them at all. 

I did like the philosophical elements in there, the way Thomas describes all the thought experiments and extra dimensions involved. A lot of them went over my head because of the physics elements involved, but I liked thinking about the possibilities they entailed anyway. 

I know this is not my most coherent book review ever…it reflects my ambiguous feeling towards this book, which is why I’m posting it anyway.


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