California is voting on a lot of issues this November. One of them is Prop 8, attempting to ban gay marriage in California (one of three states currently offering it). Another one is proposition 4, requiring a doctor to notify an unemancipated minor’s parents of an impending abortion at least 48 hours in advance. These two are often taken together, and liberals want to vote both of them down. 

I was looking through the voters guide you get when you register to vote. In this guide, all the voting issues are listed, along with "what your vote means" (the consequences should a prop pass or fail), and arguments pro and con. While the "what your vote means" pieces are very neutral in tone, the arguments are not. The argument in favor of prop four reads in part:

"A 12-year-old was given alcohol by an adult male who raped her when she passed out. Weeks later, the rapist’s mother took her to an abortion clinic and afterwards dumped her 30 miles from home. The police finally located her after the girl’s frantic mother reported her missing. She was suffering severe abortion complications that could have led to her death had she not received immediate medical treatment.
Adam Gault, 41, lured a 14-year-old from her home with promises of drugs and a job. Instead, she became his sex slave for a year, captive in his house. When she became pregnant, Gault arranged for an abortion for her at Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood didn’t report the girl’s victimization. 
Secret abortions leave girls vulnerable to further sexual abuse, pregnancies, abortons, and sexually transmitted diseases. Predators are free to prey on new victims."

While I recognize there are many arguments to be made against offering abortions to minors, I do not believe this is one of them…the harm occurred far before there was a pregnancy on the horizon, and I don’t think these men would have be deterred from their actions had they not been able to arrange for abortions. If getting rid of underage abortions would rid this world of sexual abuse, I would sign on immediately, trust me!

(the piece against prop four is much more rational in tone. It talks about the need for communication in families, not the need for script form letters warning parents. Scared, pregnant girls often do stupid things, endangering themselves, and those against prop four feel the need to give them a safe environment)

Frankly, the proponents for prop 4 scare me more than the sexual predators they talk about. 


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