Every so often I go read some conservative christian blogs. I don’t do this often because they make me feel almost sick – there seems to be so much hate among conservatives towards those that think differently – and left-leaning christians, like myself, mostly take the brunt. Yet I feel it’s good to know what other people think (and there’s also an element of "keeping track of the enemy" in my curiosity) so I do a quick sweep every other week or so. I found the following video on Randy Alcorn’s blog.

It shocked me. Not because of the content (thankfully, it’s somewhat tastefully made, no blood, gore, or other things designed solely to shock and scare watchers) but because the makers took such a personal story (Barack Obama’s life) and used it in such a way. I also found it disturbing because President Obama is pro-choice* and this commercial is pro-life yet appropriating his story.

I agree with the commercial’s final slogan: imagine the potential. If I ever find myself pregnant, that is certainly what I will be doing. Were I to get pregnant at this moment, I’m 99% sure I’d keep the baby and raise it in a loving but single mother home. But I reserve the right to make my own decision. What I decide to do is between me and God and no one has the right to interfere with that. I believe this very strongly.

*another thing conservatives often don’t "get": I am pro-choice, not pro-abortion. There is quite a difference. Believing in the woman’s right to choose what happens to and in her body does not mean I think abortion is the best option every time and should be done easily, without thought.


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