Bridge over troubled … heights?

For the past month, maybe month-and-a-half, I’ve been running twice or three times a week. It’s making me physically fitter, but I’ve also noticed an interesting side-effect: I’m getting over my fear of heights.

See, the route I run carries me over two bridges. Usually I hate bridges, I only cross them when I really have to and then I have to be far away from the sides. But while running, I can’t do that, as the sidewalk is directly next to the "cliff" (I know, I know, it’s not that big a distance to the ground, but for me it doesn’t matter. Any slight drop in elevation looks like a cliff to me, waiting for me to somehow fall off and die). So thanks to this form of casual exposure therapy, these days, I’m actually looking down at the street underneath the bridges and not feeling light-headed at all! (okay, okay, only slightly. But baby steps people, baby steps). The rate this is going, by the time I can run a 5K I can also take up rock climbing.

Now there’s a horrifying thought.


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