kaufmann kohler

I’m reading about American Judaism at the moment and I found the following quotation to be very true (it pertains to the 19th century liberal Jewish idea that Judaism was essentially an eternal moral idea):

"The Bible is holy not because it is inspired, but because and insofar as it does still, inspire. It is not true because God has spoken the word, but because in the truth, the comfort, the             hope, the final victory of justice which it holds out, you hear God speak to you in soul stirring strains" (Kaufmann Kohler)
I like the way Kohler phrased it. This has a lot to do with why I find the Bible meaningful. I don’t believe in literal divine inspiration so it’s sometimes a struggle for me to articulate to others why I still try to read it every day and apply its lessons to my life. Well, now you know.

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