a little over 22 words

Over the past few weeks I have concluded that having a regular job is the sure way to kill a blog. This is my fourth week of my summer job and while I like the money I’ve been making, I hate that my time is theirs from 8 to 5. Which results in a lot less blogging, since I only have a couple of hours after work to do everything I want to do…and blogging often gets left out. But I’ll see if I can remedy that.

One of the blogs I read is 22 Words, by Abraham Piper. Interesting questions and concepts are presented in under 22 words, which makes for easy reading yet makes me think about the entry all day. Also, it’s a good lesson in concise writing, which is important to any author. This entry is about using "how are you" as a greeting. Check it out, the comments as well (some people write whole novels there).


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