Amy Adams

I saw two movies this week, "Sunshine Cleaning" and "Night at the Museum 2". The only thing they have in common is Amy Adams, who is my new favorite actress. I didn’t know she played in NatM2 so it was a very nice surprise to see her name on the screen and then see that gorgeous red hair (please, can I marry a guy with hair that color so my kids will have it?*).

They’re very different roles in very different movies. I loved "Sunshine Cleaning" because it made my heart ache, but in a very good way, to see that family struggle (in life, in relationships, in careers/money, etc) yet ultimately reach redemption by taking responsibility for their own actions. Not everyone got a happy ending, just like real life. It was full of heartbreaking moments, like when Rose looks in the mirror and repeats a self-esteem-boosting mantra (something along the lines of "you are powerful. you are beautiful. you are a winner") but clearly, oh so clearly, doesn’t believe herself and knows in her bones she’s going to die a failure. I bet we’ve all had moments like that…

plus, it didn’t kill the little faith in humanity I have left, like Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections did. That was a beautiful book, but there was no redemption at the end, no hope for a happy ending. Zoe Heller’s The Believers is like that too. Sunshine’s hope was slight, but it was there…

and then on to Amy Adams in NatM2, where she plays Amelia Erheart. That character really brings the word "spunky" to mind, even if no one is described as spunky anymore (I think the last person to use it was a 1950s children’s book author). NatM2 had good acting, good special effects, lots of humor and American inside jokes, and the Jonas brothers as little cherubs…I think my favorite part was the Einstein bobbleheads doing a song and dance bit to "that’s the way uhhuh uhhuh we like it uhhuh uhhuh". And of course, having been in most of those museums last January made it that much more exciting. it was every bit as good as the first, and as long as they don’t make a third I am very happy with the result.

*I’m serious about this. The only thing more sexy than a guy with red hair is one with black curls. And both look good on little kids, so it’s a wash.


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