there’s an app for that

This morning, I learned (through twitter) that there is an app on your iPhone to locate the nearest Chipotle and place your order ahead of time. Then I browsed through the iTunes store just to see what I could be doing with my iPod Touch, and found my absolute favorite: the mirror app.  I think it speaks perfectly to the lengths certain types of people (the type that is glued to his/her iPhone) will go to digitalize and needlessly complicate their life. Especially since the first version of the mirror app costs $0.99. The engineer of the free version felt that if it was to be a useless app, it should at least be free..

But the best app – or the best commercial, better said –  has to be the following one.

Don’t worry, it’s a spoof. But in the words of the video’s creator, Adam Sacks:

“There really is an app for almost anything, even when there shouldn’t be.”
I wonder what they’ll think of next.

Courtesy of and spotted thanks to’s What We Missed


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