oh, that is clever

Instead of the regular Nigerian scam (a la "Dear Sir, I am dying of cancer and have a million dollars to give away. I’d like to give it to you, please send me your financial information so I can transfer the money"), I now have an email in my spam folder telling me that the Nigerian government is now compensating scam victims to the sum of $650,000, "in order to retain the good image of the country".

This email notification is to inform you that the Federal Government of the Republic of Nigeria, and tne United Nations, to pay 100 Nigerian 419 scam victims Six Hundred and fifty Thousand U.S Dollars ($650,000.00 USD), and you are listed and approved for this payments as one of the scammed victims, get back to us as soon as possible for the immediate payments of your compensations funds.

During the last United Nation (UN) meetings held at Abuja,Nigeria, it was alarming the rate which major foreign countries of world lose funds by various scams artists operating in syndicates today, in other to retain the good image of the country, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has authorized paying 100 victims of this operators Six Hundred and fifty Thousand U.S Dollars ($650,000.00 USD) each, and tackling this fraudulent act with zero tolerance. Funds has been allocated to us, the Ministry of Finance, Nigeria, the payments are to be paid by Central bank Nigeria as corresponding paying bank under fondling assistance by ATM master card, Bank transfer e.t.c.

These are various forms which Nigerian scam  may appear:

1. Online Dating/Relationships
2. False Central Bank Scam
3. A.T.M Card and Lottery Scam
4. Next of Kin/Beneficiary
5. Online marketplace: craigslist.org, eBay.com, Amazon.com e.t.c
6. Email Theft / Hi-jack.
7. False pet sales/accommodation e.g craigslist, houseforrent, puppyfind…
8. Facebook Account Hi-jacking.

Note that You MUST provide discrete information and evidence to show that you were defrauded and was a victim to Nigerian scam. Your case is MF182-002NG. Provide this to our email at compensation-mfn@minister.com along with the following personal information listed below:

Name in Full:______________________________________
Full Address:______________________________________
Zip code:__________________________________________
Phone Number:______________________________________

******************************************* IMPORTANT NOTICE *******************************************
All victims to any form of Nigerian Scam/Fraud, will be attended to but investigation team and the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). Once investigation is completed and culprit has been convicted, you will receive your compensation in accordance. DO NOT HESITATE to contact us immediately!

Note: Most Nigerian fraudsters have accomplices overseas, who help them in receiving funds and transferring it back to them in Nigeria, countries such as: United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

Beware: These are possible scams which you may receive or you are involved in. The Ministry, and the Federal Government is giving out compensation to any victim to any form of Nigerian fraud/scam, hence, if you have any information to prove that you are a victim to any form of these Nigeria fraud or if you have any information about any fraud, you will compensated  accordingly to the Federal law and constitution. Send your comments to us via email at  compensation-mfn@minister.com.


Commissioner of Finance
Ministry of Finance
Abuja, Nigeria.
E-mail: compensation-mfn@minister.com

What will they think of next?


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