Writer’s Block: Just another manic Monday

Do you look forward to returning to work/school on Mondays or do you live for the weekend? What do you enjoy most about weekends? What do you dread most about school and/or work?

I like going to school, so I don’t mind when my weekend is over. Especially this year, when I’ve had so much to do there hasn’t been that much of a distinction anyway. What I enjoy most about weekends is usually my Sunday (at least those Sundays I don’t have to study). I’ll get up on time, go to church, talk to people there, then come home and relax. I’ll read a book, go running, maybe hang out with some friends. I like those days because they ground me and remind me that even though I love running around with friends and doing five million things each day, it’s also good to be still and just be me.


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