sparkly vampires

So, as I posted before, I broke down and finally read Twilight. I finished it in a day and a half, something like that – which means that it gripped me enough that I turned off the tv and the internet to sit on my couch and read. Honestly, it wasn’t as gripping as, say, The Hunger Games (man, that was an exciting book! I’m linking to the very excellent review written by Janssen over at Everyday Reading), but I did like it.

While I was thinking about what I thought of the book, I came across this review, written by Jason Boyett (whose books I hope to own and read someday). It sums it up perfectly, so I’ll leave you with that. The one thing that I will add is that I doubt I would have picked up the book on my own, but now that it’s such a hype, I’m enjoying reading the series (New Moon, the next book, is already on my shelves). Especially since I now understand the references made to the serie on the internets (sparkly vampires, anyone?). I like being in the know.


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