a quick glance at what makes me happy

Well, these are pictures of some of the most memorable moments of my recent vacation in California.

big burgers at the Fog City Diner in San Francisco (on the Embacadero). These were so delicious, and the fries were even better..mine was a “breakfast burger”, with an egg (surprisingly good!) and applewood bacon. Oh man..the diner looks like one of those old diners, but the inside is pretty ritzy. It’s one of my favorite places to go eat (my absolute favorite is a Thai restaurant in Mountain View. This time we ordered chicken & mango and a peanut curry. Too bad I forgot to take pictures, the mango chicken was served in a hollowed out mango and it was really good).

– A frappucino and a good book, with a dinosaur to keep me company. This was on Tuesday, I think, when I went up to SF on my own. I walked around Union Square, then took the cable car up to Grace Cathedral, which was beautiful (they have a stained glass window with Einstein’s famous formula on it, and icons of scientists and peace activists, next to all the normal saints. And they have a prayer labyrinth, which was pretty cool too). I was cold, it was raining so hard, and my new All Stars had given me blisters, so I ducked in to a Starbucks for a frappucino. Nothing makes me happier than a frappucino – seriously. Anyone who’s visited the States with me can tell you a Frappuccino is the best way to get a bad mood to disappear.

– Ethiopian food at this little place in Berkeley. It was really good, as well. It was served without plates or silverware; you tear of pieces of a bread/pancake like substance and dip it in all the sauces and stuff.

-Cheeseboard! Cheeseboard is this amazing pizza place in Berkeley. In the true Berkeley style, it’s cooperatively owned and I think it used organic ingredients. There’s only one flavor a day (this was mozzarella, pine nuts, cauliflower, garlic, and maybe a few other things), it’s $2,50 a slice and people line out the door for it. Tom, the Canterbury chaplain, met me there for lunch, and then we had gelato at this little gourmet mall thing across the street.

– I don’t know if this counts as food, but whatever. This is Brewed Awakening, a coffee place on Northside that I loved to study at during my stay in Berkeley. My dad has been taking me there for years, so we made sure to make it over there this time around. One of the great things about Berkeley was having my dad so close – he’d borrow an office to work in at Berkeley once a week or so and we’d meet for coffee and a crossword, usually here. Their lattes are good. The only competition they have, in coffee as well as ambience, as far as I’m concerned, is Strada on Bancroft, just down the hill from IHouse. (don’t worry, we went there too. I couldn’t visit Berkeley and not go to Strada.)

You know how they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, seeing how much importance I place on food, I don’t think that’s just a guy thing..


3 thoughts on “a quick glance at what makes me happy

    • Saskia says:

      Oh my dear Mirjam, some day soon we are going to Utrecht together (or Leiden, or Schiphol) and I will treat you to a Frappucino. It’s a blended coffee drink that comes in several flavors (coffee, or mocha, or caramel, I think). I love them!

      And not only am I reading my sister’s book, I’m probably going to do a “studiekring” about it! It seems appropriate use..

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