oh my

As any of you that have worked on long-term projects know, it’s after you’ve turned in said project that you suddenly see all kinds of mistakes. For me, that moment came when I flipped through the bound copies of my thesis. All of a sudden, I saw awkward wordings, grammatical mistakes in the footnotes (and I was so proud of my 43 footnotes!) and, the mother of all mistakes:

do you see where I went wrong?

I just spotted this last one, and, I have to say, I’m deeply embarrassed by it. I also wonder if my teachers either didn’t spot it , didn’t care, or just didn’t mention it to me..


2 thoughts on “oh my

  1. drmhov says:

    I see, it’s all in English…

    o wait…

    not all…


    It’s supposed to be all in English, isn’t?

    (how on earth did that happen?)

  2. Saskia says:

    I used the automatically-generate-the-table-of-contents-option that Word provides and the university computer did it in Dutch..and since both words mean the same thing my brain didn’t register the mistake! You can bet that’s never going to happen to me again..

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