Thankful Tuesday

Every Thanksgiving, people gather round the dinner table (at least in the US), and tell their families who and what they’re thankful for. And while my family hasn’t celebrated Thanksgiving in a while, at the end of every trip, my family does have this tradition of talking about our favorite moments of those days. Usually these conversations take place around a table at the airport while we’re having a last coffee or whatever before those that are leaving board the plane.

I like these moments. I may be the only one, though, seeing as that as soon as I ask: “What did we do this time that you liked best?” a collective groan has been known to go up.

But tough luck, guys. I’m instating the tradition of Thankful Tuesdays on this blog. I’ll try to write a post every week about something that makes my life better, more fun, more fulfilling, or something I just couldn’t do without. If you feel like it, leave a comment with whatever is really making you happy these days. (The concept of Thankful Tuesdays comes from Mama:Monk, although I know the phenomenon from Mir’s site Woulda Coulda Shoulda, where it’s called Love Thursday, and I’m sure at least a gazillion other blogs do it as well).

On this first Thankful Tuesday, I’m thankful for food and friends. This is the breakfast we ate in Hamburg this Sunday morning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Think organic, think good coffee, think cute interior, think nice people.

Think lots of fun, and lots of things to remind me that I’m happy to be me at this place and time, and am lucky to have so many wonderful people surrounding me.

Life is good.


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