labors of love

There is something about baking that makes me incredibly happy. I was in the kitchen just now, mixing ingredients together for raspberry brownies with my laptop blasting music on loud (the Glee soundtrack turns out to be extremely conductive to baking) and I just felt so good! Maybe it’s the sense of order included in the process – first mix the dry ingredients, then the wet, then combine them; two tablespoons of this, one cup of that – that satisfies my need for structure; structure that is so often missing from the rest of my life. (These days, by the way, I’m learning to go with the flow. It’s harder than I thought.)

But there’s creativity in baking as well: you have to go with your gut occasionally, or you’ll get cakes and pies that might taste okay, but will contain no soul whatsoever. I like to think my kitchen endeavours contain soul and lots of love. And you do have to know what you’re doing (I can recall one fateful day my sister and I were making carrot cake and thought that since we were out of salad oil, we could also use olive oil. Um, turns out that isn’t a very good idea. Luckily we tasted the batter before sticking it in the oven).

In any case, it remains fascinating to me that you can start with a bunch of ingredients from the cupboards and the fridge and end up with this.

sweet potato pie (a la Jamie Oliver)

And this.

raspberry brownies

Here’s to baking my way through life.


One thought on “labors of love

  1. Jessica McKellar says:

    Have you seen Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? I guess the reviews are mixed because there’s an element of “what is this English guy doing coming into our American schools and trying to change things?”, but I find it pretty compelling.

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