Political Barbie (www.thetoyzone.com)

I leave you today with an analysis worth reading of why Americans as a people obsess about Supreme Court nominees. I don’t really follow politics* and I’m fairly mellow, so as long as the proposed presidential/supreme court/senate/congress/parliament candidate is fairly liberal (by that I mean isn’t looking to overturn Roe vs Wade or strip LGBT rights even further, for example) I just go with the flow. I figure that the people I voted for know what they’re doing and note the results…

which, according to this article, puts me in the not-anxious category of American voters. That’s good to know.

*and before you all start shouting at me that politics are part of my civic duty and that it’s irresponsible not to be in the know, I do know what is going on. I do vote  in an informed manner (in two countries no less! How’s that for civic responsibility?), I have an understanding how government works…I just can’t get passionate about it. Except for the 2008 elections. I was passionate enough about that to freeze my ass off on the cold, cold Mall on inauguration day. Which is pretty passionate, to think of it.


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