self-reflection of a great american

Mark Twain stipulated that his autobiography was to remain unpublished for 100 years.

That century was up in April, and the first volume is coming soon from the University of California Press. I have got to get my hands on that – it’s supposed to be informative, cruel, honest, and uncensored. That should make for some good reading! I envisioned it as perfect for the summer, but unfortunately it doesn’t come out until November..but at least that gives me time to re-acquaint myself with his fiction!


3 thoughts on “self-reflection of a great american

  1. Lotte says:

    I think it’s a brilliant idea of him to not have this autobiography published for 100 years…I mean, look what a media attention this already created! I’ve heard about it on the news and everything….so I guess it works 😉

  2. Herman says:

    Did you know he joined the Confederate army, at the start of the Civil War? Soon after, he fled (deserted?) to California and became the writer we know him for. I’m curious to see what he had to write about that.

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