when the dog barks

I have been overworked and stressed out this past week, so I decided to indulge myself today. I went into the city this morning to get my hair cut, and picked up a number of semi-necessary things. Like new sheets. Which I’m sure you don’t really want to know about, even if they do make me really happy. (on a side note, it’s a good thing I know feminism is not about rejecting femininity, or I’d be worried that my  delight at such domestic things would disqualify me somehow.)

aren't they pretty?

Part two of today’s campaign to be nice to myself entails making cornbread. I love cornbread, but as it’s an unknown substance here in the Netherlands, I haven’t eaten it in years. (I remember being in Berkeley and being served cornbread along with my salad. I was so overjoyed, it was comical, especially to the Americans I was with to whom cornbread is nothing special.) Sadly, it only occurred to me this week that I could make it myself. I looked around the internet for a recipe and I’m going to try this one: cornbread with a touch of yogurt and maple syrup.

Say it with me: mmm. And also, keep your fingers crossed, because if it doesn’t work out, I may have to cry. Or go back into the city and buy more pretty things to console myself.

Either way, the day is looking up.


6 thoughts on “when the dog barks

  1. butterflydreams24 says:

    Love the sheets! Oh and please let me know if that cornbread recipe works out…I’d love to taste it! So I will have to come over and we’ll quilt and eat cornbread….oh men good times! (and soooo American that I just have to love it :d haha)

  2. Saskia says:

    The cornbread was okay, not spectacular. But it was really easy and cheap to make, so I will keep on experimenting until I get it right. I think I might have to rely on The Joy of Cooking instead of going to the internet…I will let you know when I find the perfect recipe.

    wow, I am getting a prairie vibe from our plans! A quilting bee with cornbread…(please tell me you’ve read the Little House series??! If you have read Twilight but not the Little House series I will have to first get upset and then loan you all my copies.) I am looking forward to our day of domestic bliss, though!

  3. butterflydreams24 says:

    hmmmmm *hides in a corner* please don’t get upset…………*peeks around the corner* but maybe I can borrow your copies??? yes??? 😉

  4. Saskia says:

    oooh Lotte, I hope you haven’t planned anything this summer because as soon as I can get to my copies in Groningen, I’m bringing them to you. I love the series in bookform (I never watched them on TV). They start off with Laura as a little kid and those are great but my favorite one is one of the last when Laura is grown up and a schoolteacher and gets married. Just wait, I bet you’ll love them too.

  5. butterflydreams24 says:

    I loved the tvseries, never knew that there were books…lol. Sometimes I do live under a rock 😉 Anyway, I’m very very excited to read them!! Can’t wait 😀

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