monopoly, the fast way

I love Monopoly. And this post (with detailed instructions and some math to prove it) shows you how the fastest game of Monopoly ever would go down. It makes me wish I understood statistics better (or cared more.) And it’s also proof that people are weird and the internet is a great medium to bring like-minded weird people together, to everyone’s enjoyment.

Go check out the post (it even has a video!) and make sure to read the comments! Since I don’t actually understand all the math going on there, this turned out to be my favorite comment:

The hidden assumption here is that the rules are being followed. In my family it was perfectly possible to have games of Monopoly that ran a good deal shorter than 21 seconds given the propensity of some players to steal all your money or turn the board upside down or throw your top hat down the stairs. To be honest Iā€™d always thought the real purpose of Monopoly was not so much to be a proper board game but rather to serve as a focus for sibling conflict.

So true..

(Again, via What would I do without that site?)

I collect Monopoly editions and really need to get my hands on this one.


One thought on “monopoly, the fast way

  1. butterflydreams24 says:

    Bookopoly? That actually exists? BRILLIANT! We need to play that with the bookclub some time šŸ˜€

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