some kind of divine retribution, perhaps

As of yesterday, I am a firm believer in the concept of karma. (Disclaimer: the Westernized concept, at least. After taking a class on new religious movements I am very much aware how many Eastern religious concepts are Westernized to such an extent that they are barely recognizable. End disclaimer.) Why, you ask? Well…

Yesterday, I was biking with a friend. We were engaging in the common, but very unkind, practice of snarkily talking about people on the street. There was a man on the other side of the street that we were, I’m sorry to say, somewhat loudly making fun of. Bad move. Because in the next moment, I meant to turn to the right, my friend meant to turn to the left, and our bikes collided. Not only did we look very stupid (eliciting some pointed comments from several construction workers standing by, who pretty much told us we should have been minding our own business instead of dissing other people since we clearly needed all our brain cells to bike), I also needed a new front wheel for my bike.

Yeah. Luckily the bike repair shop at the university had a couple of second-hand spare wheels lying around, so that only cost me 15 euros. Nevertheless, I felt extremely silly and have vowed to stop with the snarky comments. I’m not sure what kind of deity arranged for my bike accident (the third in two years!), but I’m kind of afraid I won’t be let off with a warning next time, but will face a lightening bolt from the sky..

Gary Larson

or, God forbid, a piano.


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