it’s ridiculous how happy this makes me

I had ordered a second hand copy of the California Heritage Cookbook online a couple of weeks ago, and, to be frank, I had forgotten all about it. Just now, the doorbell rang and the mailman handed me a package…and all of a sudden life is very good.

I even have the 1979 hardcover version, just like my mom.

This is the book that provided me with my carrot cake recipe. For that alone, it is sacred. My favorite recipe for guacamole comes from this book. There’s a corn bread recipe I’ve been dying to try, along with a million other things. And I’m very, very happy that I now have my own, and don’t have to rely on my mom making copies for me anymore. It might even replace The Joy of Cooking as my go-to book.

And that is high praise, I can tell you.


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