rainbow happiness

Sometimes I get all domestic. Today , my friends, was one of those times. I was browsing random blogs, looking to add to my Google Reader, when I came across someone singing the praises of these latte bowls from Anthropologie. Now, I adore lattes, and I have wanted my own latte bowls since I breakfasted at this cute little French place in Berkeley and they served the most delicious bread with jam and butter, and, yup, a wonderful latte with just the right amount of milk and coffee. I still dream about that, sometimes. (Never underestimate the power of food and coffee in my life, people.)

aren’t the colors gorgeous?

I figured I was safe, as I don’t know of any Anthropologie stores here in the Netherlands. And even I draw the line at a transatlantic plane trip with my backpack filled with porcelain. But then I saw that they offer international shipping, for pretty modest prices. And now, I am in turmoil. To buy, or not to buy, that is the question..


One thought on “rainbow happiness

  1. Michelle says:

    I’d say, buy them the next time you are in London (no need for a transatlantic trip)! I just walked across one of their shops today (which is pretty much around the corner where I live). They look really nice and ‘gezellig’ 🙂

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