plinky prompt: orange happiness

What’s your favorite comfort food and why?

Mac&cheese, all the way. The kind without any vegetables whatsoever, and, now I come to think of it, without any real cheese. Usually I’ll make a salad as a side dish, to even it out a bit. I often make it after a particularly stressful week. It’s been a staple through all five of my years in higher education, usually during exam period.

doesn't that look good? No? Oh. It does, to me.

Mac&cheese is in the same category as pb&j: it reminds me of my American childhood. I can remember one particularly fine camping trip in which my dad made us mac&cheese on the portable stove as a special treat. Only he miscalculated how much milk to add and ended up with mac&cheese soup. (Sometimes, my sister and I will make it that way on purpose for old times’ sake.) And while I enjoy a more sophisticated mac&cheese these days (you know, the kind with veggies, and four different kinds of cheese), there’s nothing like a big bowl of bright orange, Kraft-inspired pasta to make me happy.

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