from washington to washington

I leave tomorrow for a two-week trip to the United States (where else, right?). First, I fly from Amsterdam to Washington, DC, with a nine-hour layover in Newark (and the opportunity to go into New York for a brief, brief visit!). After five days there with friends, I fly to Seattle, Washington. I plan to spend my seven days there surrounded by book stores, coffee houses, museums, and nature. And whatever else crosses my path…including hearing This American Life’s Ira Glass at Benaroya Hall! And then I’ll get on three different planes to get home again: one flight from Seattle to DC, one flight from DC to Munich, and the last one from Munich to Amsterdam. (Yes, I know, this trip is very environmentally-unfriendly of me. Sorry about that.)

from the Capitol

to the Space Needle

Sounds fun, right? I can’t wait! I might post something while I’m gone, but you should expect some lengthy travel-writing from me when I get back – complete with pictures. No travel blog is complete without pictures.


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