quick hit on travel

Two things relating to airplane travel from my flight Amsterdam – Newark and Newark – Washington DC:

-first of all, it’s weird to sit next to someone for eight hours straight in cramped quarters without even exchanging names. Although I don’t think the guy next to me spoke any languages I speak (admittedly, that are only two) so it’s not like communication would have been possible in the first place.

-the second flight took place on a tiny plane that seated only 25 passengers, and one yapping dog in a pressurized cabin in back. The women in my aisle had been on the same flight earlier from Israel, and I noticed something: they looked vaguely Jewish, but mostly American. It’s this quality of effortless optimism and selfconfidence – optimism and selfconfidence perhaps born from the sense of American exceptionalism instilled in them from birth. But whatever it is, it’s especially noticeable in girls – and I don’t have it. (in case you haven’t noticed, I’m more the semi-awkward cynical type.) It would be interesting to know if I used to have the kid-sized version or if my Dutch genes have always prevailed..I should ask my parents sometime.

More observations may follow later…


One thought on “quick hit on travel

  1. butterflydreams24 says:

    I totally forgot to wish you good luck with your flight and all. I’m so sorry! But at least I can still wish you good luck and veel plezier for the rest of your stay šŸ™‚

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