i still feel like scrooge though

I’ve always found it very important to send money to various charities. I’ve been blessed with more than enough money to live on; there’s usually enough for me to comfortably eat, sleep, and clothe myself, plus travel and do other fun stuff, which is more than a large part of the world can say. I was lucky enough to be born where I was, and through the combined factors of family background, education, and personal skills that make up social capital, I’m pretty confident I’ll never have to live on the streets. So I guess I feel a kind of responsibility to share that wealth, as sappy and trite as it sounds.

Ten minutes ago, I still supported six charities. As of now, I brought that number back to two. I’ve been wanting to stop supporting several charities for a while now, mostly because I don’t believe in the cause as strongly as I did a couple years ago. Money is likely to be tight around here for the next couple of months, and it just made more sense to only continue to support the ones I do believe in wholeheartedly. So of right now, I still send money to two organizations: my church, because, well, I’m a member and supporting the church financially is the responsible thing to do, and the KNGF, because I think providing seeing-eye dogs to the blind is a worthy cause, and one that makes me feel good. (I’m honest about that. I give money away because I can, because I think I should, and because it makes me feel like a better person.)

Look, this is the second dog I put through school. I'm up for my third dog soon, and I can't wait.

I do kind of feel bad about calling up the other four and telling them they won’t be receiving any more money from me, even though I think my reasons are valid and it’s not like I’ve stopped giving to charity all together. Liberal guilt, you are no stranger to me.

How about you? Do you give money to charity? Why or why not?


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