animals, vegetables, minerals

I spent much of last weekend in the kitchen. On Saturday night, Bas and I made duck tacos and apple-walnut salad for my mom, followed by broccoli cupcakes.

Bas was in charge of the duck. I made the salad and otherwise played a supporting role, in that I knew where everything was in the kitchen and toasted the tortillas. It was fun to watch him work, and I now know how to prepare a duck, a very viable life skill if you ask me.


After dinner, we served the broccoli cupcakes. Which I refuse to call cupcakes, because they’re muffins. Pretty good muffins actually, but better served for lunch or as an afternoon snack than as dessert. Oh well, live and learn. These were my responsibility (I’ve found that cooking goes better when you divide up responsibilities and make one person the leading actor. It prevents resentments and leads to much more civilization in the kitchen. At least in my kitchen. You might be better suited to cooking together without bloodshed.)

I think I’ll make these for a church lunch soon, and surprise everyone with the broccoli filling. Maybe I can even fool some of the kids into eating one. Unless you think that’s mean. (Which might be part of the appeal, now that I think about it.)

And then, on Sunday night, I made carrot cardamom cupcakes. It was Bas’s birthday on Monday, and I wanted to make something unusual for him. (Even if I wasn’t allowed to put candles on them, lest I reveal his age.) They turned out great, even if the cardamom taste was somewhat subtle (Apparently, grinding the cardamom pods with a little salt brings out the flavor. I’ll have to try that next time). They were cake-y, but not too sweet, and the mascarpone-orange frosting was the perfect topping. I highly recommend these, especially if you’re baking for someone without a pronounced sweet tooth. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine how lovely they looked..


One thought on “animals, vegetables, minerals

  1. Lotte says:

    You’re making me really hungry haha. The broccoli cupcakes look awesome! Never saw anything like it before, but it must be soooo delicious πŸ˜€

    Congrats on Bas’ birthday by the way. I hope you had a great time πŸ™‚ I hope we can catch up soon, I miss you! Let me know when you have time. I’ll stop stalking you now with my ‘when are we meeting’ messages here and there lol :p

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