uncalled for

Last night, I was in bed by 10:15 PM. It had been a busy week with not enough sleep and I was tired. So tired that I dreamed that I woke up well-rested in the morning. It was quite an unpleasant surprise when I actually woke up, still tired.

I’ve been dreaming every night now for a couple months. At first it was fun, because I never used to  remember my dreams and it was cool to see what my imagination came up with while I was asleep. But lately I’ve been dreaming very bizarre things – like being a political refugee and entering this secret underground society that exists in a French subway system. Or that both I and my boyfriend were pregnant (it might interest you to know that my dreams do contain a semblance of logic. He needed a c-section to deliver).

And while I feel kind of unsettled when I wake up after one of those dreams, it was nowhere near as cruel as this morning. That was simply uncalled for.


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