early morning sing-a-long

I heard this song this morning while I was getting dressed, and it put me in a good mood – a pretty remarkable feat since I woke up really early and am so not a morning person!

(The video is a bit cliché, but still fun. I just watched a few of her videos on YouTube, and she seems to really like showing off her legs! But so would I, if I had legs like those. Unfortunately, my Dutch genes prevailed on that point. Mine are more milkmaid than long-legged goddess…)

So tell me, which songs put you in a happy mood? Any favorite song for early mornings? I could use some suggestions, as I’m looking at a lot of early mornings now that I’ve graduated..


2 thoughts on “early morning sing-a-long

  1. Mindy says:

    You’re absolutely right, this is a perfect song to wake up with.

    To answer your question: I really like the Fireflies by Owl City. It’s funny, a bit funky and has a nice intro!
    Although Morning Song from Jewel is a very literal answer, I still like it.
    As with all the songs I really listen to the lyrics and that’s what makes me like these two songs the most!

    • Saskia says:

      I love Fireflies. You’re right – it’s really well suited to mornings. I’ll have to try the other one sometime this week!

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