take me out to the ball game

I love baseball. A lot of my favorite summer memories are centered around it. My family used to go to so many games, and it’s one of the things I always make time for when I’m in the US. I even played for several years – Little League in California, and the Dutch equivalent when we moved. I played catcher, third base, and outfield. I think third base was my favorite, although the endurance needed for the catcher’s squat was also very rewarding. But then a sports injury forced me to stop playing. I still regret that, because I can remember the feel of my glove on my hand, the sting that stayed with you after you caught an especially hard-hit ball, and the adrenaline rush that occurred when the whole team got it together and we managed a spectacular double out. I still dream of that, sometimes.


photo: REUTERS


All of this is a prelude to today’s exciting news: the Giants won the World Series! (That sentence really deserves more than one exclamation point.) I’ve been cheering for the San Francisco Giants since I was a kid, which is why it’s so exciting that they’ve ended up as this year’s World Champions – for the first time in over fifty years.* I wish I could have been in the Bay Area for this – tickets to the game would have been impossible, but I would have loved watching this game with friends in a bar somewhere. I’ll have to settle for watching as much as I can of the final game on the internet.

Whichever way you put it, today is a happy day.

*apparently, the world consists of the US and Canada.


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