further proof I’ll never be a domestic goddess

Just now, while doing the dishes, I managed to stab myself in the arm with a big carving knife. Luckily not with much force, so the puncture wound is minimal, as is the amount of blood.

My capacity to harm myself in the kitchen always amazes me. But at least the knife had already been washed, so I won’t get an infection and eventually land in the hospital, at the mercy of House. Silver linings and all that.

On the upside, my undomesticity also means I could never get turned into a Stepford Wife without anyone noticing. So that’s good.


2 thoughts on “further proof I’ll never be a domestic goddess

  1. mirjam says:

    I know, iI sometimes have a wound or bruise of which I can’t even remember how that appeared there in the first place… 🙂 (hmm, vraag me af of ik dit wel helemaal goed heb uitgelegd in het engels…)
    by the way, nice lay-out at the moment! wel leuk hoe de ‘balkjes’ om de pagina heen vouwen, en leuke kleurtjes allemaal 🙂

    • Saskia says:

      Ik begrijp helemaal wat je bedoeld. En dank voor je opmerking over de lay out! Je kent me, ik ben niet snel tevreden, maar dit vind ik wel leuk. For the time being, iig.

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