mmm, cookies

I just figured out what my house* needs. A cookie jar. One of those American ones, that will develop symbolic value as it sits on the kitchen counter over the years, and is much more than just a container for cookies. It might not to be easy to find one, though:

from left to right: fun, but too cutesy to become a family heirloom; way too inappropriate/unPC to sit on my liberal counters; too transparent (it’s too easy to see the cookies disappear at an alarming rate, thereby fostering feelings of guilt and/or piggishness).

Who knew cookies required this much thought?

*I like to think about my hypothetical house. To date, it has a big yard, an indoor pool, a library and a kitchen with two ovens, a big counter, and a big table so the kitchen becomes the room in the house where everyone hangs out. As you can tell, realism is not a feature of my hypothetical house.





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