funny how my mind works

Remember my recent post on crime novels and how freaked out that kind of thing gets me? Well, I was just catching up on some new NCIS episodes, and I realized those don’t scare me at all. Not because no one ever gets hurt, or because there are always happy endings – people do get hurt and not all episodes end well; in fact, most of them start off with a murder. Hardly a fool-proof way to ensure a happy ending.

I'm sure you'll agree with me that they look very capable of beating the bad guys every time, on time.

No, the comfort lies in the fact that it’s NCIS – Naval Criminal Investigative Services. And since I’m not in the navy, nor is anyone I know, I could never be a victim of the evil that stalk through every episode. Apparently, my oh-so active imagination has decided (without any rational thought on my part, I might add) that while I could as easily end up a victim as the innocent men and women on CSI, or Medium, or (especially likely because of all the female victims) Law and Order: SVU, I could never feature in an NCIS show. And therefore I feel perfectly safe after watching it.

So yeah, it’s funny how my mind works. But at least it lets me sit back and enjoy at least one crime show without having me dreaming of body bags and blood spatters. Even if the shots of Ducky’s autopsy suite do always make me shudder.


One thought on “funny how my mind works

  1. butterflydreams24 says:

    I guess our minds are alike! I especially have this with fantasy versus thriller books…sometimes fantasy books are much more cruel and have very graphic descriptions of murders and other grossness, but for some reason that doesn’t bother me because it’s in a non-existent world. With thrillers however, it can happen in real life and therefore I almost never read those…they freak me out and give me nightmares…

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