of fathers and daughters – and boyfriends

Tomorrow, my dad will finally meet my boyfriend, and I wonder if nervous feelings are in order. We all know dads never really let their daughters grow up and therefore view all boyfriends with suspicion – and my dad is no exception. If he could choose, he’d probably want us still at home, doing our homework and playing board games on the weekends and very emphatically not thinking about boys.

how does the old joke go? something with a shotgun, a shovel, and five acres of wood behind the house? This guy even looks a little like my dad, beard and all. (via http://tinyurl.com/35ukjo2)

The only thing that probably makes him feel better about us being old enough to have boyfriends is that he seems to have a super power of some sort: my two sisters and I all broke up with our then-boyfriends after staying with him for a couple weeks over Christmas or summer break. First me, then my little sister, and then my big sister. Coincidence or not, I think he likes to think he has at least that much influence over us – since the path to adulthood pretty much begins with ignoring your father’s advice. But just in case there is such a thing as a fatherly curse, I won’t be staying with B. at his place any time soon…you never know.



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