on hospitals and health care

You know what I think hospitals should do? Make patients’ beds bigger, or offer roll-away cots instead of chairs. That way, when someone’s in the hospital that can’t talk much, like my mom right now, you could lie down next to them and just hold them. My mom has acquired hydrocephalus (“water on the brain”) since early this week (following serious surgery last week), and she’s too confused to really be able to talk much. When she was at home after her surgery, but still weak, I could lie down next to her and just be with her. In the hospital (she was readmitted this Monday because the extra brain fluid lead to more pressure in her brain which lead to her occasionally losing consciousness), I’m relegated to sitting in a chair at her bedside. Either way, I can’t do much for her, but having an easy way to connect to her sure made me feel less helpless.

Luckily I can look forward to the moment that she’s itching to get out of the hospital. She spent ten days in the hospital this summer, and towards the end, when she was feeling much better, she’d scoot over in her bed and make room for me and we could talk or just lie there. It was pretty heavenly, as far as time in the hospital goes…I hope we can do the same thing this time around. And then I hope we can stay out of hospitals for a good long while. I’ve seen enough to last me a life time, and I’m sure my mom has too.


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