true beauty is curved, indeed

I just saw this ad in a magazine and noticed the tagline: true beauty is curved. I fully concur, since I possess ample curves myself (unfortunately, I have them in both the right and the wrong places). But it annoys me that they’d profess such a statement, and then pick a model with as little curves as they can get away with.

Beauty might lie in curves. If it does, I bet it lies in real ones, not just the ability to suck in your stomach, point your toes, and have every line of your body slimmed down through Photoshop. Or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself.


3 thoughts on “true beauty is curved, indeed

  1. me

    It’s just the wrong ad for the product.
    The model is a model for a notebook, the notebook is very slim, so it has to be a slim model. For myself, I wouldn’t dare to compare women with notebooks, notebooks should have some logic…

    Besides, the notebook is minimally curved, so the whole ad is exaggerated.

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